About Us

    WE ARE...    
a bunch of girls who trying hard to survive in this cruel world, and trying to make a difference by creating anything that could keep our dreams alive, makes us happy, satisfied, and hopefully make people think and smile. 

    THIS IS...   
a place where you can find WOMAN ART GIGS & INFORMATION.

    WE HIGHLIGHT...    

the art of our ladies, share art news, exhibition, inspiration, and bring information from around woman artist. 

    AND YES !   
we are beautiful woman, cute girl, cool wife, great mother but also    A MAGNIFICENT ARTIST  



BRAngerous Woman Art Community & Exhibition
 email    : its_brangerous@yahoo.com
 facebook : BRAngerous
 twitter : @BRAngerous

Founder :
Rizalina, Maria Goretti, Dinar Amelia, Tantru, Atma, Dinar, Jatu, Igna.

Exhibition Coordinator :  
The Founder, Narendra Dyah, Nita Darsono, Icha Dechapoe, Shelly Bertha, Citra Prameswari, Iis Yunus,Tyzha Inandia, Luri Renaningtyas, Abigail Nindy.

Blogger & Socialitas :  
Tantru, Narendra Dyah, Nita Darsono, Icha Dechapoe.