December 12, 2012

GRAB FAST!!! The Cute Shoes With Passion !

December 12, 2012
We are so so so happy and grateful to God for everything. October & November were just awesome, we don't know where to begin with. We spent the whole month, talked about feminist, supported Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign of Reach To Recovery Surabaya and Satu Hati "Fight & Againts Human Trafficking & Sex Exploitation" of Koalisi Perempuan Indonesia. We made friends with high-minded women, and always supported by our best friends...Negozio Shoes, Kuma's Kitchen, Sae Creatve and Gendhis Creative.

Ouch!!! We haven't shared with you all that BRAngerous & Negozio had 3 cute painted shoes and have been exhibited on aBRAcadaBRA exhibition at C2O Library and Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign at Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya Indonesia. The great things that make us happy iiiiiiiiiiiiiiis these shoes MADE WITH PASSION. By weaving together line, dots, curves, illustration, expression, and story....our artist Citra Prameswari, Florens Debora & Tia Arochmaty specially present these painted shoes for you. Not just cute, sweet, comfortable and chic, they're also the philosophers (quite different than ordinary shoes).

     Elegant Wedges. Painted By Citra Prameswari  

    Cute Flat Shoes. Painted By Florens Debora.   

    Chic Heels Shoes. Painted By Tia Arochmaty.   

We simply came to realize that BEAUTY COMES FROM BOTH WITHIN AND OUTSIDE
It feels good to look good, and you look good when you feel good. It works both ways, you see? That's why we proudly announce to you that these shoes are for sale.

(side view) Chic Heels & Cutie Flats

(top view) Chich Heels & Cutie Flats.

Elegant Wedges.

Yup!!! You can simply contact Negozio Shoes on their blog or twitter @negozio.



BRAngerous Woman Art Community & Exhibition


Renny Johnson said...

You have shared beautiful pictures of ladies shoes and I like Chich Heels & Cutie Flats. These shoes designs are very attractive.